Peter George Consulting

Peter George is a restaurant entrepreneur, quality control engineer and hospitality consultant with over 25 years of expertise in the hospitality, food and beverage industry. Peter’s background includes extensive and firsthand experience in launching, structuring, marketing, and budgeting for profitability.

Peter has a reputation for being a “fixer” and building successful establishments that actively engage and excite guests while turning a profit. Understanding the balance between a strong community presence and increasing over all sales, Peter is adept at identifying gaps in guest service and implements policies to affect standard operating procedures positively.

Based in California’s Napa Valley and consulting throughout the country,  Peter provides services to develop and enhance restaurant businesses based on his knowledge, skill set, and enthusiasm for the hospitality industry.


Peter draws on his experience as a former licensed real estate broker to bring a wealth of knowledge and skills in identifying prime locations, gathering permits, meeting zoning requirements, and managing the entire purchase or leasing process.

Peter is a hands-on leader with the ability to mentor, influence, and empower both employees and customers to achieve top results while garnering organizational loyalty. Peter is known for his smooth decision making and problem-solving skills in a fast-paced, high-end professional working environments.

  • Peter reimagined the Carriage House, a family-owned restaurant, and transformed the establishment into a full service, five days a week, and a 5 Diamond Award-winning restaurant.
  • Peter spearheaded the Farm to Table movement into the Indianapolis spotlight and started Indianapolis’ first Farmers Market.
  • Peter created an indelible footprint on the Indianapolis service industry by training and working with the City’s top managers, chefs, sommeliers, bartenders, and service teams.
  • Peter has opened several restaurants including the namesake Peter’s Restaurant and the highly successful Tinker Street. He has developed restaurants from market research, concept through construction, staff hiring and training, menu and wine strategy, opening, and general management.
  • Peter has developed wine programs (integrating a significant selection of California wines) and is responsible for designing and implementing the first temperature-controlled wine cellar in the Indianapolis area.
  • During the 2017 Northern California Wildfires, Peter held a five-night fundraising event for the fire victims in partnership with The Red Cross. Peter organized a hosted wine and dinner service that raised $40,000, with all of the proceeds going to relief efforts.

Areas of Expertise

  • Restaurant Design/Development/Launch
  • Brand Development/Marketing Strategy
  • Quality Control Engineering
  • Menu Creation/Wine and Spirits Strategies
  • Business Development/Negotiation/Purchase and Leasing
  • Budget/Forecasting/Business Plan
  • Market/Competitive Analysis
  • Construction/Industry Standards/Building Code and Zoning
  • Business Mentoring/Staff Development
  • Standard Operating Procedure and Policy Implementation
  • Relationship Building/CRM/Consultative Sales
  • Cross-Functional Team Leadership
  • Interpersonal Skills/Conflict Resolution
  • Project Management – Full Lifecycle
  • Excellent Oral & Written Communication
  • POS and CRM Systems
  • Microsoft Office Suite